Video Poker Casino – Objectives & Strategies

Video Poker Casino - Objectives & Strategies

Video Poker Objectives

All Video Poker machines have a “Payout Table”. For your convenience we have included a common “Payout Table” for each game listed. (Please note some pay tables may vary from Casino to Casino.

Once you have decided what coin denomination ( 5 cents to five dollars) you wish to play you then need to decide how many “credits” you wish to bet. Minimum is one and maximum is five.

After the bet has been placed 5 cards are dealt face up on your screen. Please remember that you are playing against yourself so you only need to get the best possible hand listed on the pay table. You do not have to beat the dealer or another player.You must decide which cards to hold that would help you reach the best possible payout. The “Hold Button” can be found below the card or you may be able to click on the card itself to hold it.

The advantage in playing Video Poker over have picked the cards you wish to hold “Deal” button to replace the

cards you wish to discard or throw away. If after the machine deals the new cards and you are left with a hand that is listed on the pay table you win the amount of credits for that hand based on your original bet.

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The objective listed above applies for all Video Poker Games, however each Video Poker game has it’s own unique flair so please read the info supplied on the games to your left.

Video Poker Strategies

  • Loose Deuces Strategy

In this variation of the classic Jack’s or Better the game now offers 4 four twos as wild cards and will be used to improve your hand to award you with the highest possible payout. This can be a exciting game as the the name says the two are pretty loose. Have fun and Good Luck!

Insiders Spin Tips: We like to call this game the “play hard  or go home” game. As you can see in the chart below the payout for 4 deuces is huge! We use the strategy that if you are dealt a weak hand off the hop involving deuces, toss the fluff (that’s everything but the deuces) and go for the four deuces. We have been VERY successful using this method and know you will to!. But remember if the cards are not flip pin’ for ya then take a walk!

  • Sevens Wild Strategy

Calling all Lucky Seven Player! This is your game! Sevens are wild and we are not sure why but 7’s seem to come up allot. This game plays just like Deuces Wild but with the Seven’s getting you the big bonus! Good Luck!

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Insiders Spin Tips: If you decide to give this game a go take a look at the payout’s from a couple of the casinos as we have found they can vary! We have found that Sevens Wild can pay you 5 more credits on the four of kind (w/ max coins played). The big trade off here vs Loose Deuces is the payout for 4 Sevens. Loose Deuces can pay you up to 1500 more coins!

  • Deuces Wild Strategy

2 by 2 by 2 by 2, get them all for a nice payout. If you live by the motto that 2 is your lucky number then you have found your game! This game play the same as Sevens Wild. Good Luck

Insiders Spin Tips: Ok, you got us! We are not sure what the advantage would be to play this game. You would have to be really into the Deuces! We have found that it is common for the Deuces Wild to pay less on the Straight Flush than say the Wild Sevens games. This would not be our game of choice. There are plenty of other games out there today with much better payout’s.

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