Joker Video Poker Review

Joker Video Poker Review

The Joker Video Poker game is a type of video poker that has a very special twist to it. The game is played with a full set of cards in addition to a Joker, making a total of 53 cards used in the game. The video poker hands can make use of the joker as a wild card that can take on the value and suit of any other card to make a winning hand. This video poker for Canadians can be played as a real money game or for fun. When ready to place real money bets, players have a choice of coin sizes ranging from $0.25 up to $5 with the option of placing single coin bets, two coins, three coins, four coins or a maximum of five coins. The maximum payout is awarded for a five coin bet, awarding players 5000 coins when landing a natural Royal Flush.

How to Play Joker Video Poker

There are a number of different winning video poker hands; the payouts for each hand are detailed on the pay table that appears on the screen above the cards. Players are dealt five cards to begin with, after having placed their initial bet. The player then needs to decide which cards he wants to hold and which cards he wants to discard in the hope of landing a better hand of cards. By clicking or tapping on the cards that he wants to keep, the player holds these cards in place and the other cards are discarded. Clicking on Draw brings new cards to the screen. The final hand is then reviewed by the computer and the winnings calculated.  There is also a Double Feature option, players who land a winning hand can try and double their winnings. A card is drawn and the player is invited to choose another card out of the four remaining cards in the hope that it will be higher than the card drawn by the dealer. The Double Feature continues until the player chooses to collect or loses to the dealer.

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Winning Video Poker Hands

The Joker Video Poker winning hands differ slightly from the standard video poker hands because of the Joker. The highest winning hand is a natural Royal Flush made up of the five highest cards that must be all of the same suit. An example of a natural Royal Flush is an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten of Clubs. This hand pays out 5000 coins for a five coin bet, 3000 coins for a four coin bet, 2250 coins for a three coin bet, 1500 coins for a two coin bet and 750 coins for a single coin bet.

The second highest paying hand is a Joker Royal Flush, this is similar to the natural Royal Flush but one of the cards in the sequence is replaced by the Joker. A Straight Flush comes next and is made up of five cards in sequence of the same suit, but not the highest cards. Four of a Kind comes next before the Full House.  The Full House is three cards of the same value with two cards of a different value but also the same. A  Flush follows made up of five cards of the same suit but not in order, the Straight is after the Flush with five cards of different suits but in order.

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The lowest paying hands in the game of Joker Video Poker are Three of a Kind, Two Pairs and Kings or Better. In each of the different hands, apart from the natural Royal Flush, when the Joker appears can be used to make up a winning hand. Because of the addition of the Joker, there are many more winning opportunities presented in the Joker Video Poker game contributing to it being a more exciting game for all players whether enjoying it for fun or as a real money game.

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